I know, I’m never happy with anything Glee does it seems. Gah, I just need to dump my annoyance somewhere what with all the spoilers/teasers coming out for tomorrow. 

:/ As stoked as I am about Tina having a storyline and actual words to say….why does it have to be about Rachel and her NYADA drama?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Rachel’s drive to get to Broadway. I like her best when she’s focused in a positive way on bettering herself and her future. 

But that scene? With Whoopi and Tina and Rachel? Irks me.

Does having an off day have to ruin her entire life? First of all, don’t be so dramatic- Rachel’s entire life isn’t ruined. She just needs to take a year off, apply to other schools- like she should have started in September- and learn from this. This is the first time she hasn’t gotten exactly what she wanted. This is a lesson in professional rejection. (It’s not something Kurt had to learn this season, he’s got a Masters Degree in it.) She still has options if she’d take the time to look for them, maybe even visit Emma and give that woman something to do instead of play Will’s love interest when it suits the writers.

I get it, she had an off day, but Rachel’s going into the business where having an off-day is a bad thing. What happens when her off-day is opening night of a new show? What happens if she chokes at another audition?

Have her work on auditioning/dealing with the stress of auditions properly, have her try out for a few community theater shows and actually look at other schools in New York. IMO, it’ll be so satisfying for Rachel and maybe even her fans to have her earn another audition all her own and just blow it out of the water instead of having people chew out the Dean of NYADA and discredit her regard.  

If Rachel can bully her way into a second chance so easily, get preferential treatment if she’s obnoxious/sad enough, where is the lesson learned with this story line? 

There comes a point where that determination, that drive, stops being endearing and precocious and starts to grate and annoy.

Consider me annoyed. :/ 

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x:( xand wishing Tina's lines where about her own story line xbut mostly I'm just irritated xinstead of her boyfriend's or Rachel's xsorry rachel xspoilers xusually I love your determination xlol glee
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