wow that looks so nice

i’m so proud of her cakes, she really wants to get into baking and pastries after school and she’s already able to make that kind of stuff in our little apartment’s kitchen

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my sister made me a cake for my birthday

it’s so cute

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Let’s not kid ourselves- those nudes weren’t leaked.

They were stolen.

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xi hate saying leaked xlike it seems to imply some fault xbut someone broke into their accounts xand stole those pictures xit's not like they accidentally sent the out in a mass email



Know what this fandom needs? Some Kira focused fic. There’s soooooooo much potential with her. She just found out her mom is literally nine hundred years old. There’s no way Kira’s the first kid she’s had, how many husbands has she buried, how many children?…

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xOMG xBut I think about this a lot??? xespecially in terms of kira outliving all of her friends and family xshe's also kind of odd for a kitsune because she doesn't see herself as tricky xshe's so sweet ximagine her trying to find other kitsune to fit in with xso she's not so alone xkira yukimura xteen wolf






Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves


I knew it

Evolution is amazing.

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xcould you imagine if this was the bug xpeter parker got bitten by xleaf-man xbug-boy xgreen-guy xbugs cw xinsects cw

~favourite movie actor: me~




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xi will never get over this xwhat a weird dude

@arden_cho: New look today, you like? 😘 #filminginNY #Stuck

@arden_choNew look today, you like? 😘 #filminginNY #Stuck

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xarden cho xyes xme like xdear loooord

eira-cannaid replied to your post “eira-cannaid replied to your post “So “Fan Art” by Sarah Tregay…”

It does have explicit sex and a non-explicit sexual assault scene though and some infidelity on both protag’s sides (though open, I think? They don’t mind much?). It’s kind of intimidatingly large as a book though - might be better to try as an ebook

i pre-read everything for her (to see if it’s something she’ll be interested in, triggers she needs to know about) because i’m a faster reader so i’ll check it out first and pass it along if it’s okay

thanks for the warnings though

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I enjoyed Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart. The ending is bittersweet in that there’s a big war where lots die but the main protags live and get to be together openly. It’s also cool to read a fantasy set in pseudo-India instead of pseudo-Europe…

oooh, see that sounds good too

i can take bittersweet because there’s ultimately something of a positive ending

Fan Art really weirded me out, like just the entire premise of the author assuming it’d be cute to have people try to force jamie to come out (to mason and in general) 

and like, basically the RPS stuff

it was so weird

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glee’s going to end and we’re all just going to collectively go into denial and claim the show ended at 4x15

this is the best plan

everyone give withoutstyleorgrace a medal 

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i’m pretty sure you’re wrong though and glee ended after the episode where adam and kurt went to find ‘their movie’. i don’t understand what you mean by canon glee after that

some weird dudes “continued” the show after that touching episode 

they call that stuff canon but we all really know better 

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loooooook, people, mes amis, ding-dong diddly duuuudes, 

if glee is going to keep chris colfer on contract, then they better fucking use him is basically my feelings on the spoilers

but as much as i want that kid free from glee, since he’s not, i’m going to be angry/heartbroken/bitter that kurt’s storyline is coming down to a misuse of chris colfer’s time/talents while kurt is possibly married to a cheating asshole and forever trapped in lima, having never once headlined a broadway show

like, that’s going to be kurt’s canon ending forever

so yeah, a lot of us are unhappy about it

want to know how long a fandom can stay angry about something? ask nathan fillion about firefly

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xwank for ts xi guess xyeesh people
if she likes fantasy/magic, Lord of the White Hell (comes in 2 books( by Ginn Hale might suit her. It has its darker moments, and has some sex, too; how old is she?

she’s 17 but she’s read books with some sexual content in them before 

she likes fantasy/magic well enough so i’ll add these to the list to read too

she burned through the percy jackson series about a year ago

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xauburndammit xthanks
so like, all the other sexualities are cool, just not that one?

apparently so

there was even a picture of a cartoon dude snuggling with a man and a women

damn, i should have kept it or taken a picture or something

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eira-cannaid replied to your post “So “Fan Art” by Sarah Tregay (350-ish pages)  Spoilers below,…”

Did I miss something? Were you looking for recs of some kind? Also, I’m impressed you made it through what sounds like name swapped Crisscolfer

yeees, i am looking for recs- books that have lgbtqia+ protags specifically. 

my sister isn’t a big reader (she has a learning disability that made it hard to read by herself and her teachers kind of killed that joy for her by being assholes about her reading levels) but she’ll burn through books about kids like her

sadly most of the ones we’ve found haven’t had very happy endings and the one that did was….grating to say the least.

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