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x'fucking making jokes about my virginity while i was worried your boss was pimping you out' xSHIT I WANT TO DO A REWATCH NOW xdicks aren't even that special x'I DIDN'T KNOW IT LIKE THIS ISAAC' xHELLO AWESOME xI bet you sex would solve all their pack issues x'hannibal is a damn cannibal'

larakickasscroft replied to your post “MY SHIP WAS ON A SHIP. ”

You saw it???????????????????????? Yaaaaaay! Its about damn time haha

I finally saw it! My theater only had it in 3D too. So much Steve/Bucky. Sam Wilson was perfection. Nataaaaasha. Fury. Everything. *_*

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kenna-girl replied to your post “i’m going to read every steve/bucky fic known to man and cry about…”

Three of my favs that everyone should read:

oooooh adding those to the list, thank you! 

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*tired sigh*


*tired sigh*

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xglee hates itself apparently xlike dear god why
You should read this one:…

i have it open in my window of tabs to read! :D

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i’m going to read every steve/bucky fic known to man and cry about everything

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This episode of Glee was a lesson in Shit I Do Not Give A Flying Fuck About, Thank You Writers For Nothing Because The Best Part Of The Episode Was Santana Walking Out Of The Cab Like She’s Hot Shit and Getting Startled By The Pigeon. 

Seriously, I laughed for days.

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xglee spoilers xlol rachel xlol glee


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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x'you are the worst' xAlso we must be an infinity loop of awesome then x:O WHAT DID I MISS ON THIS SHOW x:( why xHOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME xLOOK AT THESE FUCKERS xbecause I am not straight xNever done this before xwhen I'm out with people from work xi missed when xoopsies xlol @ because i am not straight tag though


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xyes i finally saw catws xBUT HE KNEW HIM xHEEEEEEE xKNEEEEEEEW xHIIIIIIIIIM xalso we're ignoring that that ship crashed into the water
The birds are a sign. Haunted houses they are deceiving when they want to be. Haha :) People love to scare each other. Screaming isn’t bad except for hurting your throat, that’s bad.

i have a really loud, high scream too, so scaring me makes it sound like i’m being murdered 

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Basements should never be that large. This is why. That would terrifying. Birds deciding to dive randomly is never a good thing. I’m surprised you’re still easily startled. Maybe it’s just gut reaction after having lived through it

the birds thing is a sign too omg

i survived a haunted house

xD they scare me all the time at work because i’m so easily scared

i scream 

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Wind creaking is probably the worst because then you think something is there. And there’s nothing….I think you should qualify for a medal after surviving that. That is a horror movie waiting to happen.

omg and the main floor was more like a second floor because the basement was so huge so i had this big window that was practically half of one of my bedroom walls and birds would fly into the window a lot

i even put up those stickers to try and stop them but it didn’t work

even having lived there, i’m still easily startled

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omg. You must have had to be down there forever to chop everything and heat the house. Plus having to go down multiple times per day. When you’re in the middle of nowhere, in a basement, and chopping wood. You have the begins of a scary movie there.

and it was an old house that creaked in the wind and omg how did i survive growing up there

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Basements always have that one tiny window with all the bug around it. It’s always so creepy. The laundry place was in the basement when I was in a house. I made someone go down there with me when I had to do laundry.

i used to live on the east coast, in the middle of freaking nowhere so we had a wood furnace that needed to be kept full to keep the house warm, especially during the winter. So you’d have to split the wood down there, stack it up and check the fire every few hours.

and the creepy stairs on the way down omg /o\

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People never understand the need to burn down basements during scary movies. They should at least be a little scared when they walk down there.

omg when i lived in a house, the basement was so scary. It had like one tiny window and a dirt floor in the extension side and concrete on the other and spiderwebs everywhere

the furnace was down there but i’d rather go cold than go light it

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