my mom’s ranting about how embarrassing Justin Bieber is and I’m just like “i know, it’s unbeliebable”

and my sister threw a banana peel at me

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teen wolf rewatch → 3x15

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xthis is how scott shows up to all of their dates xbecause he likes the way it kicks up stiles' heart rate xsciles xotp: you still got me
I KNOW THE FEELING. Gail is the best and I love her and please just say the word bi. Just once.

when she first came on the show, my mom haaaated her but with the recent episode she was like “DON’T TAKE HER BACK, YOU DESERVE A NICER GIRL”

now it’s just a gail appreciation life

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xpimfinity xall the women on this show are amaaaaazing btw


Y’know how Claudia and the Sheriff grew up together and fell in love? 

Well now I can’t get the idea out my head that one of the things Claudia talked to Stiles about while she was in her hospital bed was how that happened. How the little blond kid with the piercing bright eyes was the kindest of all the boys, how he shared his crayons on the first day of school, how he beat up a mean older kid who was attempting to bully her. She’d talk about how they were ‘just’ friends for years and years; that in her early teens she’d claimed she thought of him as a brother. But she never really did. There was always something there, glimmering below the surface. A connection that couldn’t be broken. She’d wake up to thoughts of John, go to sleep with thoughts of John, dream of John.

And Stiles would listen attentively, trying so hard not to jitter. He’d curl his arms over and under his mom’s, fingers tapping a tango against the delicate, pale inside of her wrist. He’d think about Scott and how he was his best friend in the whole world, about how he loved him so hard. How he thought about him all the time, when he wasn’t thinking about his mom. Sometimes even at the same time. Scott, with his considerate offerings of Reese’s Pieces and warm smiles. Scott, who held his hand that time he couldn’t stop crying over his mom’s latest hospital stay, and then immediately told him he was it in their month-long game of tag — running away, whooping in delight. Scott, who was always hanging around the ward, just as Stiles had to leave. And even though Stiles knew men couldn’t officially marry, he was convinced they’d be married in spirit when they were grown up. 

"I think I love him like you love Dad," he’d whisper one day, heart rapping against his ribcage.

"Zbigniew, there’s more than one way to love," Claudia would sigh, brushing her fingers haphazardly over his buzzcut. 

"Sure. But I think about kissing him. A lot."

"You don’t think you’re a little young?" she’d ask, but Stiles would glare at her in that way he always did when people questioned whether he knew what he was doing. The little dude had attitude even then. "Ask him first."

So the next day Stiles would ask Scott, as they tussled over the PlayStation controller.

"You wanna kiss? See what it’s like?"

And Scott’s entire face would scrunch up. He’d shove at Stiles’ shoulder and stick his tongue out and yell, “ew, Stiles, no way” repeatedly. Stiles would hide his dejection by pretending it was all a joke. He’d scoff and roll his eyes and accuse Scott of being easy to trick. Then he’d beat Scott in every game, even though it didn’t really make him feel better.

He wouldn’t tell his mom. He couldn’t. The disappointment that he wasn’t going to carry on his parents’ legacy hurt like a physical wound. He’d tuck his dreams away inside and concentrate on something new. 

And then, when Claudia  would die, because her body couldn’t take any more strain,  because sometimes life just sucks, Scott would go on tip-toes and press a kiss against Stiles’ forehead. Against his cheek. Kind of on his nose. He’d say sorry a hundred times. But Stiles would be too numb to notice.

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xsciles xomg xmy heeeeeart xcharacter death xotp: you still got me

because gail is such a great character? like, she screws up a lot and she’s snarky but also kind of stand-offish and a little mean but it’s because she’s super sensitive beneath all that and once she likes you, she’s fiercely protective and she’s got a soft spot for kids and she’s hilarious and brave

i also shipped her with andy and chloe before she got with holly

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xbut gdi i just want someone to use the word bisexual xfor ONCE

my kingdom for people to remember the word bisexual when talking about Gail Peck on Rookie Blue

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xcaptain america xthe winter soldier xOKAY xthat bottom gif looks like bucky is riding Steve xand his mission is orgasms xbucky x steve

….my coworker just tried to pawn the one shift she has this long weekend off on me on the only day I have off that weekend.

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xI think I'm getting to the point where I absolutely hate this girl xShe's obviously not happy at this job xSo she's making life miserable for everyone else xand I am not about that life
why would you need sad kadam when canon gave us that already

because i hate happiness

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xwere xhe says xand i'm angry enough to chew tin foil into silver coins

looking through the kadam tag makes me kinda sad

now i want some sad kadam 

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God, it took me like 20 min to figure that out. I thought ‘non-practicing” meant single as fuck.

oddly enough, it’s like the opposite of single as fuck

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"non-practicing bisexual"

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xbiphobia xlike come on larry king xare single straight people non-practicing heterosexuals?

I can’t get over it when people hate on Frankie when he and Derek are playing the best game this season.

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Oh great it looks like my coworker just didn’t come into work this morning. She was supposed to open up.

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xwork post