but i wore his jacket for the longest time, 1200+words, kurt/adam, kurt shows up in a rain soaked suit but he’s not the same boy adam let go months before.


Kurt knocks on the door, the only courtesy he’s given Adam since they’d broken up, his hair plastered to the skin above his brow as he says “I found you on Facebook- you shouldn’t put your home address online. How did your mother ever let you leave the nest?”

Adam doesn’t say he’d hoped Kurt would find him again someday- that’s a private thought he keeps for darker days- but he does let him inside.

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xkadam xkurt/adam xotp: he's really charming xficsamfic xdon't look at me xthere's kadam in my eye xso adam gets mad in this kinda? xdoes that count?? xkurt's just looking to hurt something other than himself xso don't look too poorly upon him

all my kadam’s sadness and bitter heart break

everything about glee is tragic

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I feel like a lot of facets of the queer spectrum involve sections (sometimes small) that want to find ways to make their sexuality look like the obvious best option and degrade the others… except we all pretty much understand it to be usually NOT an option. And so the supposed politicized alignment as lesbian or bi can’t really be this moral stance of perfect righteousness. It’s just who you are.

I feel like it’s gotten a lot worse this last year or so? Like, I’ll defend bi/pan/poly sexual identities to the death but not at the expense of other identities. That’s what it seems like a lot of people are doing in the name of being pro-poly and it’s just so completely wrong. I want to pull my hair out sometimes in frustration.

For a bunch of people who don’t want to be told who to be, they do a lot of telling other people just that.

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what is up with this fraction of bi people who think they can police the sexual identities of other people? like, you’re not helping anyone if you’re trying to force people to identify as your orientation- the great thing about identity is that it’s personal. 

it’s not a fucking debate

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xwhy do people have to be like people? xthere are some nasty comparisons to be made xabout assuming and forcing people into an identity they don't have/want xso the bi/pan community has to be fucking CAREFUL xnot to turn into that kind of shitstorm






Can we talk for a minute about Lauren Morelli (Orange is the New Black writer) coming out as gay and leaving her husband for Samira Wiley (Poussey)? Can we talk about bisexual erasure both in this situation and in Orange is the New Black? This show has tackled so many feminist/gender/race issues yet has completely ignored such an important identity, and I’m guessing this is due to Morelli’s failure to acknowledge bisexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation. 

wow wtf, r u seriously trying to suggest that lauren morelli and other women like her who realize later in life that they’re gay are actually bisexual bc they married/slept with/dated men?? that morelli couldn’t possibly know herself better than you, internet stranger, and have discovered an exclusive interest in and attraction to women???

also, like, she’s not the only writer for oitnb…

Is the OP serious with this shit?! You wanna talk about bisexual erasure on the TV show this woman writes for, fine. But insisting that her coming out as a lesbian is somehow bisexual erasure? Get bent. The woman says she is gay so she’s gay. End of story. It has nothing to do with bisexual erasure you self-absorbed assholes. She’s not failing to “acknowledge bisexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation.” Someone else identifying as a lesbian in no way negates your bisexuality or anyone else’s. Just because a woman used to date (or be married to) a man and later realizes she wants to be with women does not automatically mean she has to be bisexual. It doesn’t work like that. You don’t get to identify for someone else.

i love how according to OP being gay is bisexual erasure

this is where that type of “willow rosenburg [et al] being written as calling herself gay is bisexual erasure!!!” logic takes you, you stray from talking about fictional characters eventually and then you start shoving this entitled weirdness onto real actual people and you show your ass as being absolutely out of your gourd and tbh, a homophobe

what is compulsory heterosexuality? what is denial? what is internalized homophobia? nothing, i guess. none of this means anything. it’s just noises. 

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xas a bi person i sigh xwhat is up with that weird fraction of bi people xwho keep ranting about bi erasure in the wrong way? xif someone self-identifies as a lesbian? xYOU RESPECT THAT xshe's a lesbian- don't care how many other-gender relationships she's had xlike LATE IN LIFE REVELATIONS ANYONE? xwhile the show has a huge issue with erasing piper's bi/pan identity xyou can't apply that to the life of an actual woman

I bought so much cute clothes today. It was a good day.

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I just ate the best burrito. It was so good.

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do other girls actually go to bed with their bras on or is that just in movies because i would never wear a bra to bed its like going to bed with tape on your mouth

Eh, I do. I suspect mine probably don’t fix exactly right, but mine never really hurt me (unless the…

I have to wear some kind of bra to bed or my boob will make it’s way out of my tank top in the middle of the night or it’ll get caught in the roll over and nothing hurts like nearly ripping your own boob off.

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Warning: the following may be too badass for you to handle.

Today the Conservatives filed out of the House of Commons in Ottawa early. The NDP followed. Moments later, all the NDP MPs came back into the house and took their seats. They had…

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xCanadian politics xit's so frustrating that they won't speak about it xbut damn good on the ndp xracism xfirst nations

sometimes my dash is just a wall of dicks

like no even from one person

five people go on a dick pic spam

like a hive mind

and i’m here like

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Anonymous said:
Your internet is slower than sims? Then it must be really bad.

it comes and goes sadly, we’re not sure if it’s the wires in my apartment building (because the building itself is like 60 years old) or something making the wifi go wild

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my Internet is being slow so I’m just going to play sims for a while

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xgdi xIf I didn't reply to you xthat's why

withoutstyleorgrace replied to your post “But Sam belongs to Blaine now, and Dave belongs to Blaine now too, I guess, also Burt, and Rachel too since she seems to prefer him over Kurt (he can have her). And Tina, I think Tina and Kurt liked each other in s1 and s2, but then she got infected by the B virus….”

omg i was re-watching season 1 a month or so ago and i had forgotten how cute kurt and tina were together.


One day someone’s gonna bring Nightmare Before Christmas to broadway with Kurt and Tina as Jack and Sally and it’s going to be glorious. 

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I think Kurt and Blaine don´t even talk off screen. I mean, Sebastian told Kurt he´s gonna steal Blaine, and also insulted him, and, guessing by the fact that Blaine still wanted to be friends with Seb after that, Kurt didn´t tell him (or Blaine just didn´t care). And the whole secret admirer plot in heart couldn´t have worked if Blaine and Kurt had talked to each other during that time. So my guess is they just don´t talk, ever.

Their relationship is just so freaking weird. They’ll call each other best friends but I’ve been closer to people I’ve sat with on the subway than these guys.

I never understood how “Heart” worked at all. Did Dave no have classes of his own? Did he just kinda……watch Kurt after that moment at Scandals months ago? DID ROMANTIC, GUSHING KURT NOT SAY A wORD TO BLAINE????

They scheduled make outs for a while there too. Like, they didn’t just hang? Do homework together? Nap? No?

Freaking weird.

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Anonymous said:
But Sam belongs to Blaine now, and Dave belongs to Blaine now too, I guess, also Burt, and Rachel too since she seems to prefer him over Kurt (he can have her). And Tina, I think Tina and Kurt liked each other in s1 and s2, but then she got infected by the B virus....

I definitely meant those friendships in a world where Blaine moved to Siberia when he was six. In a world where Glee had better writers.

KURT AND TINA. THEY wERE SO CLOSE. Like, Tina kinda pretended to be his girlfriend. They made music videos in his basement. I bet there’s plans for a half-completed goth-inspired musical in a box in Kurt’s room somewhere- Kurt on the songs and Tina making the plot thicker and designing the costumes and set pieces.

Infected by the B-Virus is giving me all kinds of silly crackfic ideas though….

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