i need to marry someone who loves chicken a lot

then we can easily split meals

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girls don’t want boys, girls want a soaking wet natalie dormer telling katie mcgrath to do her

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xdo they even know how many dreams they've inspired?

why is chicken so gross?

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x*picking it out of this pasta forever*


I’m not familiar with this character at all, but some of you might be. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything about this yet on my dash, since a lot of people I follow are into comics.

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Ah yes it makes perfect sense for Kurt to go all the way to Bum Stank, Ohio to get some random credit for NYADA than it does for him to keep his jobs in New York and find a choir to help run there.

Is Kurt just not going to go to his other classes? His job as Isabelle’s ASSISTANT? ???


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uh oh family is calling from across the country

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xprobs bad news about my pops

the news people keep saying tim hortons and burger king got married today

but tim is sometimes married to wendy’s too

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xeveryone's bisexual if you try hard enough

Because the show is in a lot of ways about labels, Kieren is called a lot of things: a Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferer, The First Risen, an Angel of Heaven, a Rotter, a Dead ‘Un. There are all these labels that people put on him, and it’s the same in life as well. People like to put others in boxes. So I kind of wanted Kieren’s sexuality to be that he falls in love with the person. Obviously he’s attracted to men, I think he’s attracted to women too. He’s attracted to their personality, and I quite like that, rather than “oh yes, he’s a gay zombie”. I didn’t want it to be a big deal. I know a lot of shows that deal with these sorts of issues; they make it the centrepiece of the character, that’s their only facet. It’s only once facet of Kieren, he’s got bigger fish to fry. There are bigger issues at hand than dealing with his sexuality. He’s quite comfortable with that, it’s being a zombie that he has trouble with.


Dominic Mitchell on Kieren’s sexuality (x)


Okay, so here’s the issue with that for me- it’s always us who have to see our stories as somehow less important in the grand scheme of things.

Pan/Demi/Poly/Bi- if your story includes us, suddenly no one ~wants to put a label on it~. No one wants to take the effort to show it on screen, so it’ll get mentioned in a handful of articles and that’s what we have to scramble together when we talk about our representation- little off-handed morsels of those same tired lines of “i just love love, i just love people, i just like personalities”.

And the thing is, Kieren doesn’t exist in a world where homophobia is a thing of the past because zombification doesn’t exists as a metaphor for that kind of social commentary- homophobia is part of the driving force of the show’s first season and part of Kieren’s own personal journey and his tragic relationship with Rick. 

Bill bans Kieren from his house over a mixed CD, remember?

It’s great that Kieren is shown as comfortable with his sexuality on the show but if the audience can’t watch this show and know that Kieren is bi/pan, the issue isn’t that they’re not making Keiren’s sexuality the centrepiece, it’s that they’re not really exploring it at all.

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I think you just get really good at using the pads of your fingers? That’s what happens to me when I wear press-ons but idk tbh I never get longer than medium length

my real nails are pretty long (but the circle of life states they will one day break and so i must clip them before that day happens) 

but like, yesterday my cashier’s nail were shaped into claws and a good three inches long and she was picking stuff up like the honeydew melons were going to viciously attack her face 

her nails were so long

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how do people genuinely wear those super long claw acrylic nails

like, in real life?






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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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teresavampa photos of my dog ignoring me even though he knows im talking to him for you because I can’t submit stuff on mobile

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xi hope you feel better
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so these Emmys are weird as hell

the only way they can fix this is if laverne cox wins her category

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